Cory Procter goes to 'Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp'

Tue, Oct 12

Compared to the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp Cory Procter went through in Los Angeles in April, football training camp was a mental breeze for the Miami Dolphins lineman.

Instead of strapping on a helmet and a pair of shoulder pads, the 6-foot-4, 311-pound guard/center spent a week playing drums for a makeshift band at a camp created 14 years ago by music producer and former sports agent David Fishof.

Procter is one of 15 musicians from various backgrounds featured in the reality show "Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp," which premieres on VH1 Classic Oct. 16. His size couldn't help him the same way it does on the football field, but it was an experience Procter couldn't pass up when Fishof invited him to be on the show, even though he already has his own band.

"They knew of me and initially they invited the whole band out," said Procter, who formed "Free Reign" along with fellow linemen Marc Columbo and Leonard Davis when he was with the Dallas Cowboys. "It was before we started off-season training and the rest of the band passed on the invite so I jumped on it. It was an awesome opportunity to have a lot of fun and also to become a better musician."

Colombo is the band's lead singer, and plays guitar, Davis plays bass, and Davis' friend Justin Chapman is the lead guitarist. When the invite came, Procter was still with the Cowboys, though he was released in the middle of May. The Dolphins signed him May 24.

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