Page 2 pens an open letter to Patriots QB Tom Brady

Fri, Oct 15

Dear Tom,


By now, you've probably heard that Justin Bieber clowned your hair, saying you're biting his style. "Call up Mr. Brady / tell him leave the hair to the guy that sang 'Baby,'" he rapped.

Trust us on this: Let it go.

We know you don't let things slide. We remember you getting in Steelers defensive back Anthony Smith's face for simply saying his team could beat the Patriots in 2007. And, from what we hear, you might be a little sensitive about your flowing locks, or whatever you call that.


We know you can rap better than that whippersnapper. So could Bill Belichick. But do not, whatever you do, respond.

Rap battles never end well for anyone. Nas "ethered" Jay-Z and then wound up asking him for a job. Neither 50 Cent nor Ja Rule has put out a good album since their beef. Eminem still can't shake his conscience of his unfair takedown of Fred Durst.

Plus, you know, the Bieber is right. Let it go.

And the beef, too.

Page 2