It's time to jump on Detroit Lions' bandwagon

Mon, Oct 18

So what that they lost again?

So what if it was their 24th loss in a row on the road (tying their own NFL record)?

So what if they are still one of the NFL's best punch lines?

With the bye week up, I'm taking this time to jump on the Detroit Lions' bandwagon.

This act of conceivably premature insanity isn't for what the Lions are going to do for the rest of this season, but it's about jumping on the bandwagon now so that you can sing "Tardy To The Party" when they shock the world next season and everyone starts claiming the Lions as the NFL's new Cinderella.

A 1-5 team shouldn't forsake someone to go all-in. But if you've watched them play more than once this year, you can tell this team is on the verge of being the Dolphins of 2008 or the Chiefs of this year. They lost to the Eagles by three and the Packers by two. A technicality stole the season opener against the Bears, and they just lost by eight to a team that embarrassed the Bears a few weeks before. And this is without their starting QB.

So say what you must. Laugh now. But understand that the Matt Millen hangover is gone.

The games the Lions have lost this year will be wins in 2011.

This is the beginning of a future. The audacity to hope.