Otis Nixon, Eddie House on All-Politics Team

Sat, Oct 30

The following is a paid political advertisement for absolutely no candidate in particular, but Page 2 did approve this message. After rancorous internal debate, we have emerged from smoke-filled rooms to submit these individuals for nomination on the All-Politics Team:

Ray Agnew: The Nattering Nabobs of Negativism will have a hard time bad-mouthing this defensive lineman the way Vice President Spiro T. Agnew collectivized the media in a 1970 diatribe. Ray Agnew had an 11-year career in the NFL that included a Super Bowl title with the 1999 St. Louis Rams. In his final four seasons, he missed only two games.

Keith Booth: When Booth voted for Maryland in recruiting in 1993, he became what Terrapins coach Gary Williams called the most important signee in years. Before that development, the Terps were seemingly locked out of the top talent in Baltimore. They went to the NCAA tournament in all four of his seasons and won the whole thing in 2002. Booth is now an assistant coach at his alma mater.

Lou Clinton: Kind of like a national candidate traveling in search of endorsements, Clinton played for three teams in a five-day span of September 1965. The outfielder was waived by the California Angels and claimed by the Kansas City Athletics, whom he joined just in time to play against -- you guessed it -- the Angels. After that game, the American League voided the transaction and returned Clinton to the Angels, who again waived him. This time, the Cleveland Indians' acquisition of Clinton was approved, and he remained an Indian for the final three weeks of the season.

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