Help with our list of 'Most overrated NFL players'

Mon, Nov 1

The NFL Network will have a big unveiling Thursday of the final 10 players at the top of "The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players."

Hey, we could do that, too.

Except we don't want to.

We want you to provide the snarkier list that is bound to be noticed. We want you to create "The Top 10 All-Time Most Overrated NFL Players." Send your selections, one or more, with a brief explanation of why they belong, to me at Please include your first name, initial of your last name and your location.

Now that's going to be a list.

Oh, sure, we admire their list, selected by what is described as "a blue ribbon panel of football minds." Their top 10 players will be announced by the NFL Network on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

We know some current players who just missed their top 10. Ray Lewis finished 18th, Brett Favre was 20th and Tom Brady was 21st. But will any of those three make your "Most Overrated Top 10?" How about Joe Namath, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw or, perhaps, O.J. Simpson?

It's up to you. Who gets raved about but really doesn't deserve it? Joe Montana? You wouldn't dare! Would you?

So let us know so we can match their list with our list. Once again, it's your choice for "Top 10 All-Time Most Overrated NFL Players."

Send your choice, plus a short reason why, to You have until noon Wednesday, and our list will run Thursday afternoon -- scooping their list, hah-hah.