Yankees' Jorge Posada has charity bowling event

Sun, Nov 7

When New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada's wife, Laura, gave birth to their son, Jorge Luis, in 1999, they knew it would change their lives. They didn't know it would change thousands more.

Ten days after he was born, Jorge Luis was diagnosed with craniosynostosis, a potentially devastating condition wherein sutures in an infant's skull fuse prematurely. It happens to one in every 2,000 babies, and potentially can lead to seizures, eye problems and other long-term neurological and cognitive damage.

It took eight major surgeries to fix Posada's boy. You can imagine the stress, not to mention the cost. But Jorge Luis made it, and the Posadas were inspired. In 2001 they founded the Jorge Posada Foundation, which provides financial and emotional support to families who aren't exactly millionaire baseball stars.

"We strongly believe that Laura and I were touched by craniosynostosis so that we could make a difference in the lives of others dealing with this condition," said Posada, a five-time all-star catcher for the Yankees.

This month Posada is hosting one of the Foundation's biggest fund-raisers, the Celebrity Basebowl Tournament on Nov. 7.

"I have always been interested in bowling," Posada said, "so it seemed like a great idea."