Kurt Warner sent home on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Tue, Nov 9

Last week, former NBA player Rick Fox was sent home.

On Tuesday, it was former NFL player Kurt Warner.

Now, ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" is down to four contestants -- actress Jennifer Grey, singer Brandy, activist Bristol Palin and Disney star Kyle Massey.

Warner, along with partner Anna Trebunskaya, have been in the middle of the pack the entire season of the 11th year of the show.

But as the contestants dwindled so did their odds of staying on.

Warner talked earlier like he knew the end could be near.

"When the show is over, I hope I still have an impact moving forward," Warner said. "I hope I made a connection with people who watched the show and now will follow me on Twitter and learn more about my foundation. I had a great time and I hope people saw who I really am and will continue to listen to my message."