Ken Jeong of 'Hangover' hits it big in commercial

Tue, Nov 16
Slim ChinadidasCheck out Slim Chin trying to guard Derrick Rose. Hey, stop laughing.

Mars Blackmon, Lil Dez, Lil Penny. There's a new sheriff in town. His name: Slim Chin. He is the blinged-out, gold-laminated, faux-Hugh Hefner who happens to always have Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose ballin' at his mansion.

Page 2 tracked down the actor, Dr. Ken Jeong, who brought Slim Chin to life, just to see if he had any idea that he'd given birth to pop culture's latest icon.

Page 2: So now your publicist calls? You are big time now. We used to be able to get directly through to you. Now you have "in-between" people getting back to us.

Jeong: Yeah, I've become [Slim] Chin now. So I'm rollin'. Sometimes you gotta live the character. Like Ted DiBiase when he was the "Million Dollar Man" back in the WWF days.

Who sold who on the concept of the character Slim Chin? Did you sell adidas or did they sell you?

I think it was a combination of both. I heard that my agent had been talking to adidas about a concept, and from what I understand adidas was thinking about me for a concept. That's what was relayed back to me. Personally, I wasn't involved with it at all. Initially, I think the plan was for it to be something viral or web based. We weren't exactly sure what it was going to be. And then [it] just got legs. Once they got Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard involved and once the concept was presented fully and everybody was on board, the spot really took off. And then they decided to make it a global marketing campaign. Which to this day still freaks me out. I had no idea it would be this big.

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