Vince Young, here's guide on texting etiquette

Sat, Nov 27
Vince YoungAP Photo/Kevin TerrellDo you believe that Vince Young was sincere in his apology to Jeff Fisher?

Was Tennessee quarterback Vince Young deliberately disrespecting Titans coach Jeff Fisher by texting him an apology for his behavior during and after a loss to the Washington Redskins? Or is Young simply clueless when it comes to texting etiquette?

As a service to Young -- whose thumb, obviously, isn't that injured -- Page 2 presents a handy guide:

Booty callMarriage proposal
From movie theatreFrom sideline
Directions to restaurantDirections to hotel room
Bailing out from blind dateBreaking up
Reality show voteElectoral college vote
Disaster relief donationsAnything Nigerian banking
Pizza delivery orderOrder to invade country
Insincere apologySincere apology