Pregame Flyover's handy gift ideas for NFL fans

Fri, Dec 3
Pregame Flyover AP Photo

Welcome to the Week 13 NFL Pregame Flyover, your source for aerial reconnaissance of the Jets-Patriots game and other riveting matchups. Before we get to this week's slate -- and tell which games are probably worth watching, which games are of questionable worth, which games are of doubtful worth and which game will feature a team that might be moving to Los Angeles -- we present. . .

The Page 2 NFL Gift Guide

We know how hard it is to come up with holiday gift ideas for that NFL fan in your life. What do you buy the Cowboys lover who seems to have every collectible? Do they really need another item that reminds them of Dallas' last good year, i.e., 1995? Probably not. Sometimes you need to think outside the box and buy something unexpected, so we've put together some thoughtful gift ideas. These are the kind of presents that will let recipients know that you couldn't wait to see their faces when they opened them. Most of the items are under $50, because we don't want you spending too much money on an item that might not be appreciated -- or which might be set on fire.

A gift: For the Bengals fan in your life.

A gift: For the Falcons fan in your life.

A gift: For the Seahawks fan in your life.

A gift: For the Bills fan in your life.

A gift: For the Browns fan in your life.

A gift: For the Patriots fan in your life.

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