Ben Roethlisberger evokes other broken noses

Mon, Dec 6

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will undergo surgery on Monday to repair the broken nose he suffered Sunday at the hand of Ravens defensive end Haloti Ngata.

Despite the disfiguring fracture, Roethlisberger stayed in the game, and the Steelers beat the Ravens 13-10.

This got us thinking about other memorable broken noses:

Mitch "Blood" Green broke his nose in a street fight with Mike Tyson in 1988.

Aaron Rowand, then with the Phillies, broke his nose crashing face-first into the outfield wall at Citizens Bank Park in 2006.

• Suns point guard Steve Nash memorably broke his nose in a 2007 collision with San Antonio's Tony Parker.

• Rocky Balboa famously broke his nose in a bout against Apollo Creed.

• Los Angeles Kings winger Kevin Wesgarth broke his nose on Nov. 27 in a fight with Blackhawks defenseman John Scott.

• Missouri quarterback Tyler Gabbert broke his nose in a fight at a restaurant earlier this year.

• Spurs guard Manu Ginobili broke his nose in a collision with Dallas' Dirk Nowitzki this past April.

• We're not sure if a certain 1999 incident technically resulted in a fracture. Nevertheless, we're going to link to it.

Did we overlook a great moment in broken noses? Post it to the comments section above.