DeSean Jackson deserves a new nickname: The Jerk

Mon, Dec 20

DeSean Jackson's not like the rest of the wide receivers.

Jackson is a different breed than the so-called divas that came before him. Those guys are always looking for someone to entertain (Chad Ochocinco), need to be understood (Terrell Owens), or just don't know how to act (Randy Moss).

DeSean Jackson
Nick Laham/Getty ImagesThe Jerk starts celebrating (as usual) before scoring.

Jackson? He's just The Jerk. His blend of speed and obnoxiousness are perfect pair, because if opponents could have caught him in high school, money says his career would have ended before it started.

"Jerk" not an insult, but a statement of fact. His fervent dedication to antagonism has cost his teams -- and our fantasy teams -- points, making one wonder if being The Jerk is a lifestyle or religion.

Last night, The Jerk taunted Giants fans on Twitter, reminding people what a silly idea it was to punt to him. Why would he do that? Because Twitter's like football: nobody can get close enough to The Jerk to do anything about it.

Running parallel to the goal line with Danny Ware close enough to make a fool of himself trying to make a tackle? What a jerk move & and I loved it.

What I won't love is if Jackson starts looking for a hug and claiming he's "misunderstood." No, we're perfectly aware that he's The Jerk, and that's just fine.

Why? Some want to see him run. Some want to see him stroll. Most want to see him maimed. But we all want to see The Jerk, and that's all that really matters.