Jonny Moseley eliminated on 'Skating with Stars'

Mon, Dec 20

In the season's biggest shocker, Olympic champion skier Jonny Moseley was sent home on ABC's "Skating with the Stars" on Monday.

Moseley, who had won the judges' voting the past two weeks, couldn't overcome the popularity of the two remaining women -- actress Rebecca Budig and reality star Bethenny Frankel.

"I guess I'm a little surprised," Moseley said on the show. "Brooke [Castile], that was an amazing experience and I appreciate how much effort you put in to make me a better skater. I enjoyed spending time with you and you're a great friend."

Castille countered: "I think he did such a great job and he's what this competition is all about. I am so proud of him. He has been the best person to teach!"

Moseley had spent the season improving his skills each week, learning new steps. He knew the biggest challenge would be to get his fans to call in to vote each week.

"That's something I haven't been comfortable all season with," he said in an interview. "It's not something I'm used to. I really needed someone to manage that for me, to get everyone out to vote. But I really had a great time out here."