'Foosketball' is all the rage in Falls Church, Va.

Mon, Dec 27

Like most, my aspirations of playing pro sports promptly ended with a swift reality check after high school. But my friends and I found a foolproof way to continue our deflating burgeoning athletic careers and ensure that, at least temporarily, we were the best in the world at something: We invented our own sport.

What spawned as a goof-around activity during a jobless summer has blossomed into a full-blown tradition in my hometown, and the sport colloquially known as "foosketball" in Falls Church, Va., has surpassed touch football or pick-up hoops as the activity of choice for me and my friends.

Consider foosketball the patchwork offspring of football, basketball and ultimate Frisbee. Playing on a local court with nine-foot rims, competitors must shoot the ball -- a child-size football -- into the hoop. Like in ultimate Frisbee, the ball cannot hit the ground, nor can players move with the ball, placing a heavy emphasis on teamwork and passing. Games are played to 11, with each made shot counting as one, and are best suited as 3-on-3 or 4-on-4, given the undersized dimensions of the court.

"Instinctively, some friends and I started shooting around, and once we started to adjust to the odd shape of a football, the game started to grow somewhat organically," says Ramsey Kincannon, one of foosketball's founding fathers. "To me, it's the creativity of a jobless summer thriving 18 months later, even when the conditions, people and game have all changed."

Now, readers, it's your turn. Ever play baseball with a broom and a basketball? Think you can measure up to Shotgun Golf? With foosketball in mind, send your best made-up sports to me at alexander.prewitt@gmail.com. Include your first name, first initial of your last name and your location so we can give proper recognition to the athletic geniuses hiding throughout the country. The best submissions will appear on Page 2.