5 great quotes by Rex Ryan on Peyton Manning

Sat, Jan 8

Nothing like the start of the football playoffs.

One thing is clear about the Jets-Colts game, New York coach Rex Ryan is obsessed with quarterback Peyton Manning.

He has great respect for Manning and it is reflected in the many great things he says about him.

Here are five great quotes from Ryan about Manning:

1. "My kryptonite."

-- Ryan, on Manning's super powers

2. "When you struggle against Peyton Manning, he will eat you alive."

3. "There's nobody like this guy in the league. Nobody studies like him. I know Tom Brady thinks he does and all that stuff, but I think there's a little more help from Bill Belichick with Brady than there is with Peyton Manning."

4. "I'm not the only coordinator Peyton ever destroyed."

-- on his days as the Ravens defensive coordinator

5. "I love the guy. I mean as a quarterback and all that. But I hate him."

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