Does Michigan need to hire a 'Michigan Man'?

Mon, Jan 10

With Les Miles considering taking his grazing talents to the Big House, the age-old question has resurfaced: Does Michigan need a Michigan Man?

Here's a better question: What did being a Michigan Man get former basketball coach Bill Frieder?

Frieder was on the business end of then-athletic director Bo Schembechler's declaration that "a Michigan man" would coach Michigan in the 1989 NCAA tournament, not Frieder, who had accepted Arizona State's vacant head-coaching position. Frieder was replaced by Steve Fisher, who became the worst coach ever to win a national championship.

The rub? Frieder was a Michigan alum. Fisher graduated from Illinois State.

Over the years, Schembechler's quote has been twisted to mean something it didn't. A Michigan Man was, literally, a man who worked at Michigan and was perceived to be loyal to Michigan alone.

So does the winningest program in college football need a Michigan Man? As much as it needs another coach from West Virginia.