Help! 'Top Ten Signs It's Old-School Super Bowl'

Mon, Jan 24

Old school.

Green Bay versus Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl is as "Old School" as you can get in the NFL, making Super Bowl XLV far more black-and-blue than Blu-Ray. Forget throwback jerseys (although they would be cool for this one) because these teams should be playing in no jerseys at all. No pads. Just leather helmets.

And that's what we want from you. (No, not your leather helmet but your wit and wisdom.) Our reader-generated list for Week 1 of the two Super Bowl weeks will be "Top Ten Signs It's An Old-School Super Bowl."

Send your suggestions to Please include your first name, initial of your last name and your location. Fame can be yours if one of your suggestions makes the list.

Think of how much history is involved with the Packers and Steelers. "Frozen Tundra" takes on "Steeler Town" in a clash of iconic organizations. After all, these storied franchises date to when Bart Starr gave meaning to his last name and Terry Bradshaw had hair. Does Vince Lombardi trump Chuck Noll? (And if those names mean nothing to you, go talk to your granddad.)

Granted, the game clashes with the location as it is being played at Jerry's World in Dallas, a futuristic building with a retractable roof. Somewhere Lombardi is growling "there's no retractable roofs in football."

So visualize a game described by John Facenda and seen on a black-and-white Philco Predicta TV set from 1960. Visualize fans waving Terrible Towels and wearing Terrible Cheeseheads. Think about beer. There will be beer.

Beer and cheese.

Pittsburgh and Green Bay.

It doesn't get any older -- or better -- than that.

Once again, "Top Ten Signs It's An Old-School Super Bowl." Your suggestions to by Wednesday noon for the list that will appear here Thursday.