Here's how you get fired for wearing a Packers tie

Tue, Jan 25

A car salesman in suburban Chicago was fired Monday for refusing to take his Green Bay Packers tie off at work. The dealership owner says he asked the salesman five times to remove the tie before canning him. Page 2 imagines how those conversations transpired:

Supervisor: "Please take that Packers tie off."

Salesman: "No."

Supervisor: "What do I have to do to get you out of your Packers tie today and into a new Bears tie?"

Salesman:"Ha. I see what you did there. But still no, thanks."

Supervisor: "Look, I'm not screwing around anymore. Take the tie off."

Salesman: "Or what? Are you going to fight me?"

Supervisor: "I'll do what I have to do."

Salesman: "Come on! Fight me! All I need to do is land one punch to your knee and you'll be down like Cutler."

Supervisor: "This doesn't have to get ugly."

Salesman: "Too late. I'm wearing a Green Bay Packers tie. It's plenty ugly."

Supervisor: "This is your last warning. Take the tie off or I'm going to have to fire you. We have a relationship with the Bears. You can't be wearing a Packers tie here."

Salesman: "I'm pretty sure no one associated with the Bears is going to be coming into the dealership today. We don't sell hearses. Boom. Roasted."

Supervisor: "Last chance. Take the tie off or you're fired."

Salesman: "No."

Supervisor: "Then you're fired. Hand over your ID badge and clean out your desk."

Salesman: "Are you serious?"

Supervisor: "One hundred percent serious. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to call Todd Collins and let him know that we're hiring after all."