Readers: Signs on why it's old-school Super Bowl

Thu, Jan 27

You have to wonder how many of us are going to watch Super Bowl XLV -- "The Old School Bowl." Actually, you have to wonder who will not be watching as the interest in this one is palpable.

Yes, the buzz is so strong you can almost touch it.

Forget anyone playing "the Disrespect Card" because this game is being held in the highest regard. Pittsburgh and Green Bay, the Old School leaders of the league, meeting in one grand battle to determine the champion. Defense vs. Defense. Blood vs. Blood.

(How will we handle it if the final score is 45-42?)

So when we asked you to build this week's list -- "Top Ten Signs It's An Old-School Super Bowl" -- many sent in totally serious statements of respect for these teams and this game. That's fine and thank you for your effort. Sadly, we don't handle seriousness well at the TTBI (Top Ten Bureau of Investigation), so we keyed on your less serious submissions.

It's how we roll.

Top Ten Signs It's An Old-School Super Bowl

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