Troy Polamalu-Clay Matthews hair care battle

Tue, Feb 1

ARLINGTON, Texas -- There was a guy dressed as a matador asking to be lifted up by players, a guy wearing some sort of "Hot Tub Time Machine" getup and a guy in a superhero costume from Nickelodeon. But that was really about as elaborate as the costumes got for Super Bowl XLV media day. It was still a circus -- the requisite kid from My Weekly Reader was on hand to ask questions -- but compared with past media days, this was so relatively respectable that Edward R. Murrow might as well have been in charge Tuesday.

Super Bowl media day isn't exactly a course they teach at the Columbia School of Journalism, though perhaps they should offer it at the graduate level. When you wake up hundreds and hundreds of sports writers so early they haven't even gotten their hangovers yet, dispatch them into arctic cold across icy highways, park them in a lot across the street from the stadium, shuttle them around the neighborhood for half an hour to cross that very street, force them through security patdowns so invasive they should include a post-screening cigarette, pen them up for upwards of an hour and then give them exactly 60 minutes -- the time is kept on the scoreboard and you can't spike the ball to stop the clock -- to question a couple dozen football players about an upcoming game they've already been pestered about nonstop for eight days, you shouldn't expect the Frost-Nixon interviews.

With all the trained, experienced reporters digging and all the players required to be there, you're just hoping that someone, somewhere will ask and get the answer to the tough, important question everyone wants to know:

Who puts more effort into his hair care -- Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews?

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