Mini-Darth Vader, Eminem best TV commercials

Sun, Feb 6

If we judge our culture based on the overall picture painted by the Super Bowl commercials, we may be a nation of self-obsessed and violent cross-dressers. Or not.

Whatever we are, the collective message from the $100,000-a-second advertisements during Super Bowl XLV seemed to be an attempt to amuse by often grossing us out.

Doritos led the way with a spot featuring a guy so in love with the orange-colored chips that he sucked the finger of one co-worker and smelled the pants of another.

Can you say, "Ick?"

Doritos also did another man-beats-dog spot but it was not nearly as funny as last year's "electric collar" commercial. They also had one promoting the life-giving powers of their chips, concluding with bringing grandpa back to life. (Kids, don't try this at home.)

The cross-dresser? He was in a spot for, which must attract an interesting clientele.

And in the third quarter, presented an odd spot about a "hotel room simulation" that ended with the "test baby" being smashed against a glass wall. Not just violent but smash-the-test-baby violence. Really?

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