Waffle-throwing fan still supports Maple Leafs

Tue, Feb 8

Joe Robb is a fan without an arena.

He's the man who has been banned from Toronto Maple Leafs home games for life after throwing waffles on the ice during the team's Dec. 20 loss to Atlanta. Charges have since been dropped, but Robb is still persona non grata at Air Canada Centre.

Robb, a 31-year-old construction worker from Oakville, Ontario, who describes himself as a lifelong Leafs supporter, said he would be disappointed if the team sticks by its decision to ban him from home games. Nevertheless, he's sticking by his sentiments.

"I just think I'm making a statement for all the diehard Leafs fans," Robb told Page 2. "I threw waffles to protest the organization as a whole. They don't respect the real, blue-collar fans. ... Forty-four years without a Stanley Cup. For a place that calls itself the Mecca, the center of the hockey universe, that's a joke."

So how many waffles did he throw? Two? Three?

"Eight," Robb said. "I threw the whole box."

Why waffles?

"Drop the 'W' and you've got 'awful,'" Robb said.

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