We ask you: 'Top 10 things you'd want from NFL'

Mon, Feb 14

Let's call them "the Forlorn 400."

They may not consist of an exact 400 but, of course, we are talking about the folks who had legitimate tickets for presumably legitimate seats inside Cowboys Stadium where presumably the could watch Super Bowl XLV, you know, presumably in person.

What could go wrong?

As we know, a lot went wrong -- although it also gives us a topic for this week's Top Ten list -- what would you want if the NFL was willing to give you anything?

Clearly the Forlorn 400 want something because they are so unhappy that a class action suit has been filed against the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and perhaps eventually everyone who has ever lived in Dallas. And the lawsuit involves hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other Super Bowl spectators who seem to believe someone owes them something, too.

No wonder so many of us watched it on TV.

BTW, we don't think Pittsburgh Steeler fans can sue just because they didn't like the outcome but, hey, it's a funny world.

The NFL already has made more than one offer to the F-400 including getting three times the monetary value of the original cost of the ticket or perhaps going to the next Super Bowl or perhaps going to any Super Bowl or -- who knows what the league finally will offer?

And that's the list we want you to make for us this week. Let's assume that the NFL finally will offer anything to the F-400. Any thing. If that offer was made to you, what would you want? That's what we want from you -- suggestions (one or more) to complete "Top Ten Things I'd Want From the NFL."

Send your demands to me at osogreene@aol.com -- along with your first name, initial of your last name and your location. Let me know by noon Wednesday and look here Thursday for the list. If you could get anything from the NFL, what would you want?