Champion Kevin VanDam still loves eating fish

Fri, Feb 25

We had to ask.

Kevin VanDam, who won his fourth Bassmaster Classic title last weekend and now has topped $5 million in career earnings, stopped by ESPN's Connecticut offices this week for various TV shows.

The 43-year-old, nicknamed KVD, from Kalamazoo, Mich., has been competing for about 30 years.

So we had to ask.

Do you still like to eat fish?

"I love sushi. I love tuna. You don't understand. There are so many ways you can prepare fish these days. Trout. Pike. I'm not sure I could eat bluegill every day, though," VanDam said. "And it's funny. I rarely ever eat bass. For some reason, it's hard to kill something that I'm making a living off."

Even as a kid, VanDam used a catch-and-release system like the pros do now when he and his friends would fish in the ponds and lakes.

"I loved the competition so I'd want to keep the fish in the lakes so I can get them again the next time. I didn't want to deplete the bodies of water," he said. "Oh, and also, my mom didn't want anymore fish in the freezer."