ESPN the Weekend: The pros go to fantasy camp

Sat, Mar 5

Huge sorcerer hats, haunted hotels, living toys and ridiculously chipper grown ups at 8 a.m.; Disney is all about fantasy. This weekend ESPN took over Disney World in Orlando and turned it into every sports fan's fantasy. I caught up with some of the pro athletes hanging out around the park (and the Schwab) to ask them about their favorite Disney moment, or any magical fantasies they may have.

What Disney character did you love growing up?

Chad Ochocinco: Goofy. I just like having fun just living life without a care in the world.

Bart Scott: Mighty Mouse. Because he was a little dude that did big things. Tom and Jerry were cool too but they didn't talk much. I don't even know if that was Disney. Is that Disney? Oh, and Duck Tales, I love Duck Tales too. Man, I used to love seeing him swim in all that money. I do the same thing now, but I got pennies.

Alonzo Mourning: Mickey. He's the head honcho. Everybody wants to be the man.

Karl Malone: Minnie, because she's sexy.

Gary Payton: I like Mickey, because he getting it. That's how I roll.

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