Charlie Sheen: His real quotes tied to real athletes

Tue, Mar 8
Charlie SheenGetty ImagesWhen it comes to winning, Charlie Sheen has it covered. Whether he's playing Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn in "Major League" or being interviewed on TV, he's full of memorable quotes.

There's nothing more fascinating than a man whose life is circling the drain mistaking it for a Six Flags ride. That's why, for me, the more Charlie Sheen the better.

Please, Mark Cuban, do a show with this man. Please, Warner Brothers, do "Major League 3" with this man. Please, Quiksilver, come out with a Charlie Sheen mercury surfboard.

If Sheen would come to sports next, we sportswriter trolls would send a stretch limo to his house just for the privilege of writing down the fireballs that come out of his mouth.

Then again, with just a little cutting and pasting, maybe we don't have to wait.

"I exposed people to things they would never see in their normal lives." -- Brett Favre

"A little more, little more, add some gold. Bingo! I'm here to collect." -- Albert Pujols

"I have tiger blood, man." -- Tony Parker

"I finally extracted myself from their troll hole. -- Carmelo Anthony

"Know that I'm better solo. I invented solo." -- LeBron James

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