Page 2 tested by Stanford's student-athletes list

Thu, Mar 10

According to reports, Stanford has stopped distributing a list of "courses of interest" -- widely regarded as an "Easy A" list -- to its student-athletes in the wake of an investigative report.

Talk about a knee-jerk overreaction.

Look, Page 2 would never endorse Rocks for Jocks 101. After all, we're a bastion of literary prose and academic-style sports scholarship. A few of us even have our GED's.

That said, we think Stanford is being unfair. Because those "courses of interest" aren't easy. They're hard.

The proof? Page 2's dubious network of sources has obtained final exam questions from many of the courses on the actual Stanford list.

Take a look:

ECON 1A -- Elementary Economics

1. Which of the following coins are you LEAST likely to find in a "take a penny, leave a penny" tray? (Check all that apply)

(a) Dime

(b) Quarter

(c) Casino poker chip

(d) Philippine Peso

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