Duff McKagan: Fans, stand up for your Kings

Sat, Mar 12

You could say that I am a sore loser, but I really come to this topic as a citizen who sees the importance of local economies staying local. I am also a fan who has seen the darkness that the NBA -- and its teams' owners -- can dispense on us loyal dorks … you know, the ones who buy tickets, jerseys, beer and parking. But sometimes, that is just not enough.

Sacramento Kings fan
Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty ImagesSacramento Kings fans are on the verge of being left with nothing for all their emotional investments … and ticket, food, parking and merchandise purchases.

Sacramento Kings fans, I know what you must be going through right now. I am a Seattleite. Our Sonics used to go to war with your team. I know how ardent and gnarly the average Kings fan is. Seattle is a great basketball city too. And we could not foresee -- or at least hid our eyes from the fact -- that once the Sonics' owner, Howard Schultz, had decided to sell the team to an outsider, Clay Bennett, our team was lost. We should have fought harder.

This economic recession has been hard enough for all of us, but to subtract an NBA team from your city, can and will wreak havoc on the arena and its surrounding area … big time. Just go visit the neighborhood around Seattle's KeyArena. It's a damn ghost town. Where there was once a vibrant and safe night life, there are closed restaurants and a seeming crush of unrestricted crack hoodlums. Maybe these thugs were there before, but without a constant police presence around for the Sonics games it now seems unchecked. (And, really, crack is so '90s.)

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