David Beckham talks MLS season, family, tattoo

Tue, Mar 15

David Beckham is in the final year of his five-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy, which opens its Major League Soccer season Tuesday night against Seattle Sounders.

With the league's best player (Landon Donovan) and a powerful striker (Juan Pablo Angel), this probably is Beckham's best chance to win his first MLS crown.

Page 2 had a chance to talk with the soccer legend about the sport, his family and his new tattoo:

1. In Europe, you had a lot of success. You've been close here but haven't won it all. How tough is that for you?

"It's not difficult at all. I had the weight of the league on my shoulders when I arrived here. I had to carry the flag for the sport in this part of the world. But this game is something I've always enjoyed. It's been a great challenge. This is something I'm totally passionate about. I've seen improvements in the American game. We have some new teams coming into the league. In certain areas, the attendance is up. When I see all this, it makes me proud. Since Day 1, I've been proud to be part of this league. I came to the United States to win a championship. I still want to do that."

2. You've had some injuries the past few years which has limited your play. Is soccer still fun for you?

"I know it's easy for me to say this because I have gotten paid so much money to play, but I've always enjoyed playing soccer. It's never a job to me. I know it might sound silly but I would be doing this if I wasn't getting paid. It's never been about the money. I've helped raise the profile of this league. I think we've been successful. It's going to take more years here to equal the level of the European leagues. I've had some injuries and I'm 35 years old. I've worked hard in the off-season to get my body right."

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