Rey Mysterio talks 'WWE All Stars,' masks, feuds

Sun, Mar 20

What would a feud between the beer-guzzling "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the Straight Edge badass known as CM Punk be like? To steal from The Miz, it would be all sorts of awesome. So would a dream match between Jake "The Snake" Roberts in his prime battling against "The Viper" Randy Orton, DDT vs. RKO.

That's what Fantasy Warfare is all about in the upcoming game, "WWE All-Stars." It's about showcasing a fantasy feud between a legend like Hulk Hogan, and seeing how he would do against a current superstar like John Cena to determine once and for all, who is the greatest of all time. Throw in a battle of big men like Andre The Giant versus The Big Show, and even The Ultimate Warrior beating down Sheamus, and it's no wonder wrestling fans have the game's March 29 release date circled on their calendars.