Readers, what would you give Sweet 16 teams?

Mon, Mar 21

Once there was 68. Now there are 16.

The Sweet 16.

Elsewhere in the wondrous and vast world that is, others will break down the strengths and weaknesses of the 16 survivors. Our experts will wonder whether Ohio State really is a great college basketball team after all. And elsewhere others will dissect the Richmond Spiders to determine if they are real.

But we want to congratulate and reward all of the Sweet 16. After all, "Sweet 16" also is a term used to discuss a particularly important birthday in the lives of teenage girls -- and the dads of those girls can testify as to how important it is to get just the right gift.

So that's the list we want you to create this week: "Top 10 Swag for the Sweet 16."

If you had to choose the perfect swag for the Sweet 16, what would it be? And, as usual, we are looking for funny. North Carolina, what is the perfect gift for Duke? (Keep it relatively clean, please.)

Choose some swag for all 16 teams or aim your shot at one particular school. Either way, send your suggestions to -- including your first name, initial of your last name and your location. Must have entries by noon Wednesday and the list will appear here Thursday just in time for the start of the Sweet 16 games.

What do you give a Spider anyway?