Fabolous tries to lure Dwight Howard to Knicks

Wed, Mar 23

Fabolous -- the New York-born hip hop artist and monster Knicks fan -- doesn't have the money New Jersey Nets part-owner Jay-Z has but he still is out recruiting for his own team.

Courtesy of Fabolous Fabolous is a huge Knicks fan and wants Dwight Howard to join the fun when he becomes a free agent.

On Wednesday, the Knicks, who are 7-9 since the arrival of star forward Carmelo Anthony, will play the Orlando Magic. Fabolous will be doing his damndest to try to recruit Magic center Dwight Howard to sign as a free agent in the summer of 2012.

"I'd want him to join us! He, along with another possible free agent, Chris Paul, would be the final pieces of the puzzle," said the 33-year-old Fabolous (real name John David Jackson), who has released five CDs and sold about 3 million copies. "We'd welcome them with open arms. They wouldn't even need to wipe their feet at the front door."

Just like Anthony has said recently, Fabolous said the Knicks are on the cusp of greatness despite their current slide. The Knicks fell to 35-35 after Monday's loss to the Boston Celtics and are in seventh place in the Eastern Conference.

"We really are a promising team with Anthony, Amare Stoudemire and even Chauncey Billups. We're getting our chemistry together," Fabolous said. "With the addition of Howard and Paul, we'd be unstoppable."

And Fabolous will try to do his part to make it happen, just like Jay-Z -- who is worth about $450 million and paid about $5 million to get a piece of the Nets in 2004 -- who tried and failed to get Anthony to join the Nets.

"Jay-Z has lots of money. He sells the city differently than I'd do. I think his little tour of the area would be different than mine," said Fabolous, who was raised in Brooklyn. "But I do love when they play my song 'You Be Killin' 'em' at the Knicks games. That really pumps them up to play ball. We just need some more great players!"