Randy Orton talks Wrestlemania, 'WWE All-Stars'

Sat, Mar 26
Randy OrtonWWERandy Orton is one of the top stars competing at this year's Wrestlemania.

Imagine what's it like growing up in a WWE locker room.

Walk around the corner and you might find the 500-pound "Andre The Giant" playing cards with "The Brain," a midget or even a "Macho Man." Turn down the hall and you could stand face-to-face with everyone from a "King" to "the Conquistadors."

That was the life for third-generation superstar Randy Orton as he ran around backstage as a kid among some of the biggest and most memorable characters the wrestling business has ever known, including Randy's father, WWE Hall of Famer (and the man who made wearing an arm cast famous), "Cowboy" Bob Orton.

But aside from learning it takes years for a broken arm to heal when you're one of the top heels in the business, Randy also became obsessed with one wrestler in particular, Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

"I was even more of a fan of Jake The Snake than I was of my dad when I was a kid, and that's because of the snake," Randy Orton said with a laugh. "Jake used to have his snake, Damien, out in the locker room slithering around the showers. In the locker room, they would actually block off one of the showers just so Damien could roll around, and I'd sit there and watch him. Jake had Burmese pythons, boas, red-tail boas, Columbian red-tail boas. ... I know my snakes, I know my reptiles because I got into them as a kid being in that situation. I just loved Jake The Snake because of that character and how he cut a promo. That dark nature of his character was amazing."

Funny that Roberts was his favorite because the new "WWE All-Stars" video game actually pits Orton against Roberts in a battle to see who is the coldest snake and top predator in WWE history.

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