'Brunch' looks at cash-hungry Jeff Motuzas

Sun, Mar 27

Bullpen catcher.

Just thinking about that job as a career choice makes you suspect bullpen catchers probably are eccentric characters, much like kickers in football. And Jeff Motuzas, the Arizona Diamondbacks' bullpen catcher, confirms that suspicion of oddity.

As reported by Scott Cacciola for the Wall Street Journal, Motuzas certainly is one of the most colorful characters in baseball. Why? Because of what he will do to pick up some spare change.

What will he do?

Pretty much anything.

In Cacciola's article that you can reach here, the focus is on what Motuzas will eat to win a wager. And again, it's pretty much anything -- including an "appetizer" that came from another guy's nose.

But that's not what caught my eye and made me bend over in empathetic pain. Motuzas once agreed to a deal that allowed a Diamondback pitcher to punch him in the groin anytime he wanted to do so. Motuzas got $50 a groin punch and -- are you ready for this? -- a $300 bonus after every 10th punch.

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