Jamaal Charles works out at hometown YMCA

Thu, Mar 31

Jamaal Charles is fast. He's used to getting to places in a hurry.

Last season, he ran for 1,467 yards, leading the league with 6.4 yards per carry, second in NFL history to the great Jim Brown.

But what's an All-Pro running back to do when he needs to get to Wal-Mart in a hurry? If you're Charles, who recently earned a $32.5 million contract extension, you take your new Lamborghini.

"Who goes to walmart in a lambo," Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas wrote on his Twitter page.

Charles and Thomas are old friends. They played at Texas together, and are both from Southeast Texas -- Charles from Port Arthur and Thomas from Orange -- in an area known as the Golden Triangle.

The two emerging stars have been working out together all summer in Austin (where the Lamborghini is) and back in Port Arthur. And that includes trips to big-box discount retailers in an insanely fast car.

"It's ridiculous, man, I love it. That was my dream car, and that was my goal this year," Charles said. "Every time I'd be in the backfield, saying, 'You gotta get this Lambo, you gotta get this Lambo.' So that's my motivation."

It worked. He racked up all that yardage despite only getting an average of 14 carries per game.

So we had to ask Charles, who visited ESPN this week, if he was a fantasy football owner, would he be frustrated that Jamaal Charles didn't get more carries?

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