J.J. Putz, Wally Bunker on All-Master baseball team

Sun, Apr 10

The confluence of baseball and the Masters every April produces one of the best times in sports each year. In honor of the occasion, Page 2 selects an all-time Masters baseball team. Each member gets a (Dallas) Green jacket:

Johnnie LeMaster (infielder, 1975-87): Well-suited for this course. Not a long hitter, but good on the short grass.

Billy Sunday (outfielder, 1883-90): The tournament wouldn't really start until he shows up. Plus, as any golfer knows, prayer is a necessity, and the Rev. Sunday was one of the most influential evangelists of the early 1900s.

J.J. Putz (pitcher, 2003-11): At Augusta, it's always putting that counts, and the Diamondbacks relief ace has always been able to close a match when it counts, with 108 lifetime saves.

Jim Quick (umpire, 1974-98): The greens are lightning quick for the Masters, and Quick's trigger could be fast, too. The former All-Star ump had a few well-known run-ins with players, including with Phils pitcher John Denny in 1977.

Wally Bunker (pitcher, 1963-71): Remember, he's not Wally Trap. There are no "traps" at Augusta. Former Orioles rookie phenom had the sand to win 19 games as a rookie with the Orioles in 1964 and then throw a shutout for Baltimore in the 1966 World Series.

Chip Hale (infielder, 1989-97): He'd be good around the greens and play solid on a course where mistakes are deadly. In seven big-league seasons, the all-purpose defender only made eight errors.