Anderson Silva talks about his film 'Like Water'

Thu, Apr 21

Warning: This clip contains mature language.

NEW YORK -- "Like Water," a documentary focused on mixed martial arts superstar Anderson Silva's life leading up to his UFC 117 win over Chael Sonnen, debuts Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The film, directed by Pablo Croce, is one of six documentaries in the fifth edition of the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival in New York.

"Like Water" is a revealing look at Silva's training and personal life during his preparation for this past August's five-round victory over Sonnen. The victory was the UFC middleweight champion's 12th straight win in the UFC.

Page 2 talked with the Brazilian Silva for a few minutes about the movie. He spoke through a translator.

Why did you want to do this movie?

Basically, I started shooting my training and then we saw how much video we had and we decided to put it together to tell a story of my day-to-day leading up to that fight. The movie shows exactly who I am. I didn't act for the camera.

Are you happy with the results?

I'm really happy with how the film turned out. It's an opportunity for the public to see who I'm all about. Not many people understand me.

You've had some bristling moments with the media. What do you think about the media?

The media is a positive for our business. They promote me and the relationships I have with other fighters. But sometimes I feel that some reporters don't know the entire story. They have an idea without really researching. They ask the same questions that have already been answered. They don't know enough of the subject. But I understand the media needs athletes and the athletes need the media. It has potential to be a good relationship.

Who do you hope watches this movie?

I'm happy if anyone watches it. I hope that some fighters come out and watch it. I know my family and friends will.

What does fighting mean to you?

This is the gift God gave me. I'm very fortunate to make a living doing what I love. I thank God every day for the life that he's given me.