Secretary of the Treasury catches a few waves

Mon, Apr 25
Jim Watson/Getty Images"Hey Tim, what do you say we blow this shave ice stand and try to catch the evening glass-off?"

Rumor has it that hanging in the residential quarters of the White House is a wall-sized print of President Barack Obama body surfing at Sandy's. Being a good Hawaiian, Obama's affinity for the glide has been well documented, but the corrupting influence of salt water evidently runs much deeper in his administration.

This past weekend Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner -- reportedly a Cape Cod local when he's not slapping together stimulus packages or bailing out banks -- was outed as he joined his two kids for a session in Half Moon Bay. Joining Obama on a swing through California, Geithner managed to squeeze in a session at Montera, a beachbreak just south of Mavericks.

At first I though it was just laughable," recounts David Alexander, who runs Open Ocean Surf School and gave Geithner's daugher, a student at nearby Stanford, a lesson while the Secretary and his son ripped it up down the beach. "And then I was like, oh, those guys up there on the bluff are Secret Service guys, of course ... this happens every day."

Alexander reports that Geithner left a healthy tip, but "a tax break would have been nice."

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