Come up with top tips to avoid bad NFL draft

Mon, Apr 25

Yes, Virginia, there will be an NFL Draft, beginning with the first round Thursday night from Radio City Music Hall.

A season? Well, that's up for debate but, by golly, there will be a draft. And that means there will be human error.

A lot of human error.

That's the list we want you to create this week: "Top 10 Reasons Your Draft Is Dreck." It will happen to more than one team because it always happens, whether the league is in lockout mode or not.

A few reminders of NFL draft picks gone wrong:

• Buffalo Bills, first pick in 1979, selected Ohio State linebacker Tom Cousineau. The problem wasn't that Cousineau was a bad player. The problem was that the Bills couldn't sign him when he got a better offer from the Canadian Football League. Canada? It doesn't get more embarrassing than that.

• Cincinnati Bengals, trade up to get first pick in 1995, selected Penn State RB Ki-Jana Carter and gave him a record $7.1 million signing bonus. Team owner Mike Brown unfortunately called him the team's "bell cow." He also unfortunately once called him "Ji-Kana" Carter. And, unfortunately, Carter tore the ACL in his left knee on his third preseason carry and was hounded by injuries after that.

• Jacksonville Jaguars, gave up three other draft picks in order to switch picks with Baltimore in 2008 to select Florida defensive end Derrick Harvey with the eight pick. Who? Exactly. Baltimore, meanwhile, settled for quarterback Joe Flacco with the 18th pick.

• JaMarcus Russell.

'Nuff said.

So there will be ghastly mistakes. It's your job to point out who is sure to fail and why. Send your suggestions for "Top 10 Reasons Your Draft Is Dreck" to -- including your first name, initial of your last name and your location. You have until noon Wednesday to make your suggestions and the list will appear here Thursday just in time for the real draft to start.

Did we mention JaMarcus Russell?