5 great quotes about the Kentucky Derby

Sat, May 7

In honor of Saturday's Kentucky Derby, here are five great quotes about the Kentucky Derby and horse racing:

1. "This is the day for anyone involved with horse. The dream is to win the Kentucky Derby, because there's nothing like it."

-- Billy Turner, trainer

2. "They must get to the end and go, 'We were just here. What's the point of that?'"

-- Jerry Seinfeld, on what horses must think after they run a race

3. "No horse can go as fast as the money you bet on him."

-- cartoonist Nate Collier

4. "A place where the windows clean the people."

-- Bob Hope, on his definition of a race track

5. "I'd rather have a bad day at the track than a good day off it, somwhere else."

-- Johnny Nerud, trainer

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