Readers name 'chapters' for Phil Jackson's book

Thu, May 12


Phil Jackson has disappeared at least for a while. He had an "exit interview" Wednesday, said something about riding around the world on a motorcycle and walked away from his historic career as an NBA coach -- perhaps the best there ever was.

When given the chance to brag, Jackson took the high road: "Talent wins. When you have talent to coach, it makes all the difference in the world. I've coached some of the best talent that's ever played the game."

As for an autobiography, Jackson didn't confirm any plans to sit down and write the chapters of his life. Presumably he will get around to it. But why wait? That's why we asked you to give us a taste by suggesting the chapter headings. You came through with the outline of a book that would be a sure-fire best seller, albeit probably not on Oprah's recommended list.

We're going to deviate from our usual Top 10 form by starting this list with "Chapter 1" and working our way to the book's conclusion with "Chapter 10."

This won't be the actual book but would be more fun to read:

Top 10 Chapter Headings for Phil Jackson's Autobiography

Chapter 1: "I Couldn't Play the Triangle in Marching Band," suggested by Steve L. of Baltimore.

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