Aaron Rodgers hosts cancer research benefit

Tue, May 17

From the end of one season to the start of another, from backup quarterback to Super Bowl MVP, Aaron Rodgers has survived. Survived and walked away a champion. On Tuesday evening, Rodgers will be battling once again. Only, instead of searching for another Super Bowl championship, he will be helping raise money for kids with cancer.

The MACC fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer) is a charity that funds research for childhood cancer and related blood disorders.

"When I see children suffering, that disturbs me greatly," Rodgers said.

An "Evening with Aaron Rodgers" in Milwaukee, Wisc., will feature Rodgers along with ESPN NFL analyst and former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer in front of about 800 fans.

"Aaron is deeply committed to the MACC fund, and this event is one of numerous activities that Aaron conducts throughout the year," said H Koal, business manager for Rodgers and Dilfer. The trio, along with partner Carla Cossy created the MACC event.

Rodgers knows the cheeseheads will be asking about football, especially with the Packers winning the Super Bowl in February.

"I'm obviously ecstatic and thrilled that we were able to win and, of course, I reflect back on all the hard work not just by me but by all the guys to accomplish the goal," Rodgers said. "I feel as if now the hard work begins. We've had a chance to rest and celebrate. Now we have to do what we did last year. Work hard all over again as a team and replicate the success."

He's learned a lot along the way, but it is not just football that has taught him something.

"The children that I have encountered are not only sweet, they are courageous and brave beyond explanation," Rodgers said. "The trials and tribulations that I go through as a professional athlete are minuscule compared to what these young kids go through every day."