The buzz in Indianapolis: Planking with the stars

Fri, May 20

Race-car drivers are used to moving fast, so it should come as no surprise that the planking craze has swept Indianapolis Motor Speedway quickly.

The buzz began when IndyCar series driver Wade Cunningham posted a YouTube link on Twitter, writing: "I swear, you can't make this stuff up. This is seriously a new craze in NZ & Australia, it's called PLANKING."

The viral phenomena centers on lying face down in public places, hands against one's sides and taking pictures to post on social media platforms.

"Im doing it on the #9 tomorrow," Indy 500 competitor Scott Dixon responded.

Sure enough on Wednesday, Dixon posted a shot of him planking across his No. 9 car. He posted another shot a little a while later.

As if the green flag had been waved, planking went viral at the Brickyard.

Driver Alex Lloyd posted a picture of himself planking, then followed up with an explanatory tweet, linking to the YouTube video and writing, "In case you are wondering why I am randomly lying on a table, here is the video to explain my insanity."

Tony Kanaan posted himself on a bike. Before long Indy car folks posted pics of themselves planking just about everywhere. Even Indy Car driver Dario Franchitti's wife, actress Ashley Judd, got into the craze (although Judd's plank by the Adriatic Sea was the more traditional yoga version.)

After seeing Dixon's shot, NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson tweeted, "I'm wondering how I can pull that off on a cup car??"

Dixon suggested Johnson try planking on the car's roof, but Johnson came up with a more creative approach -- stretching himself between a pair of Cup cars.

Jimmie Johnson responded with a planking picture all his own, but learned the fad isn't as easy as it seems. Explaining the slight bend in his waist, Johnson tweeted at Dixon, "My form isn't as good as yours but I kept sliding off the cars when I went flat."

Turns out planking isn't always a job you can lie down on.