Sun rose, and Cleveland Indians still in 1st place!

Sun, May 22

Good news! If you are reading this, apparently the world did not end at 6 p.m. Saturday. Of course, that means I lost money on the Preakness because I always lose money on the ponies. You can count on that.

And it got worse. A bookie gave me 10-to-1 if I would bet that the world would end Saturday at 6 p.m. and then it hit me: If I won, how was I going to collect?

To each his own, but wouldn't it feel a little strange to be disappointed that we were still here to see the sun rise? But if the world had ended Saturday at 6 p.m., how do you think certain folks would have felt in their final moments?

• With the Indians in first place, Cleveland fans would have thought "It figures."

• More than one NFL player would have thought: "Does this mean the lockout is over?"

• And LeBron James haters would actually celebrate because it would have meant the Heat wouldn't win a championship. Although if the world had ended Saturday at 6 p.m., a lot of us might be really feeling the heat the day after, if you get my drift.

Now for a few more isolated and random thoughts before we get to the main dishes in this We-Made-It-To-Sunday Brunch:

• If the Heat do win a title, they'll have to erect some statues in South Beach -- full-sized states of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James plus half a statue of Chris Bosh.

• The Mets will have to pay Bobby Bonilla (Bobby Bonilla!) $1.2 million annually for 25 years even though he hasn't played in a decade. Actually, that sounds exactly like something the Mets would do. The only surprising thing is that Bonilla never coached for Notre Dame, too.

• Apparently Carson Palmer has a buyer for his $2.1 million house in Cincinnati. No, it's not his brother, Jordan Palmer.

• "Cavs win the lottery! Cavs win the lottery!" -- OK, I tried.

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