Bringing the sports world to the spelling bee

Thu, Jun 2
National Spelling Bee AP Photo/Jacquelyn MartinNational Spelling Bee contestants could learn a lot by studying the sports world.

The National Spelling Bee is broadcast on ESPN. By definition, that means it's a sport. Right? Right. Glad we have that established.

But in case kids spelling words isn't enough for you, realize that you can use many of the words used in the competition in your sports-related water cooler talk.

All of the following words are from the 2011 competition.

devoir -- n -- an act of civility or respect.

Moments after Game 7 capped two weeks of trying to kill each other, the hockey teams engaged in the devoir of shaking hands at center ice.

limacine -- adj -- pertaining to or resembling a slug; sluglike.

Shaq decided to retire upon realizing that his game had taken on many limacine qualities.

capilliculture -- noun -- treatment to cure or prevent baldness.

LeBron James told the Heat he would take a pay cut if they hired someone skilled in capilliculture.

theopneustic -- adj -- given by the inspiration of the Spirit of God.

After calling a play at the line of scrimmage that led to a touchdown, Tim Tebow told his teammates that the audible was theopneustic.

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