Airwalk releases 12 shoes for 25th anniversary

Sun, Jun 19
AirwalkMike V's Enigma and Sadplant Reflex reissues by Airwalk.

For those who don't remember the 1980s and '90s let's be clear: Airwalk was a big deal. But 25 years later, the once must-have skate shoe is trying to remind consumers who they are.

As Gen-X paved the way for Gen-Y, the brand went from the third most visible shoe brand, to, well, being sold at Payless Shoe Source. But a second wind may be brewing as the iconic skate brand is taking a page out of Vans' marketing book and going back to square one.

To celebrate the quarter-century mark, Airwalk is re-releasing twelve of its most popular and game-changing shoes.

"I think the evolution of skate product has slowed significantly," said Eric Dreyer, vice president of brand management at Airwalk. "You see a lot of reversion back ... skate getting back to its roots."

What's a better way to get back go your roots than relaunching old shoes?

"It's more of celebration than a relaunch," Dreyer says.

Sorry, a "celebration."

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