Darryl Strawberry on our All-Wimbledon Team

Sat, Jun 25

Quiet please. Bow to the Royal Box. OK. You can relax now. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, enjoy our All-Wimbledon Team.

Darryl Strawberry: A four-time World Series champ and eight-time All-Star, Strawberry was among the best sluggers in baseball history, but his life off the field probably wouldn't play well with the English tennis set. While a Wimbledon crowd wouldn't likely have derisively chanted his first name, with a last name like Strawberry, he would have been the perfect doubles partner for...

George Creamer: What good are strawberries without the cream? As for this Creamer, he was among the first pro baseball players. Creamer played for four teams between 1878 and 1884, but he might best be remembered as one of three players fined $100 in 1881 for playing while intoxicated.

Jerry Pimm: Pimms are to Wimbledon what mint juleps are to the Kentucky Derby. And this Pimm was unique among college basketball coaches. While one of his brethren lived his coaching career in a hotel suite and others bought the biggest houses money could buy, Pimm lived on a houseboat when he coached at UC Santa Barbara (1983-98).

Anna Smashnova: Has any athlete ever had a better name? Even basketball player Spencer Dunkley falls short of Smashnova, a Russian tennis pro who won 19 tournaments and climbed to No. 15 in the world in 2003. The furthest she ever advanced at Wimbledon was the third round (2000).

Frederick Winner: Technically, he wasn't. But he wasn't a loser, either. His pro pitching career lasted one game without a decision for the 1972 Bristol Tigers in rookie ball. Not exactly the kind of winner they're looking for at the All England Club this month.