Colt Ford to host 'Mudslingers' on Outdoor Channel

Mon, Jun 27

Colt Ford grew up in Athens, Ga., and always was interested in sports and country music.

He was a pro golfer playing on the Nationwide Tour before turning to his first love of singing and has released three widely acclaimed albums, including several songs that hit the Hot Country Songs chart.

Never wanting to turn down a gig, Ford (real name: Jason Farris Brown) would often play in backwoods in the Southern states he grew up in before hundreds and even thousands of people.

And now that underworld has become a new show on Outdoor Channel.

Ford, along with comedian Marc Ryan, will host a series called "Mudslingers," debuting Monday at 10:30 p.m. ET.

"I made a living playing in front of all these fans in these off-road parks that I previously didn't even knew existed," said Ford, who also wrote the theme song for the Professional Bull Riders Association. "I would come back to my office in Nashville and say, 'You wouldn't believe it, but 8,000 people were there in the woods for the weekend.' And then Outdoor Channel decided to make a show about those people."

Each "Mudslingers" episode will feature renowned recreational parks like Redneck Yacht Club in Florida and Yankee Lake in Ohio -- "these parks are everywhere," Ford says -- along with interviews on the campground and demonstrations of the vehicles.

"I didn't want to do a show that was making fun of the rural, country folk. There is a whole culture going on out there of people just having fun," Ford said. "There are doctors and lawyers out there playing in the mud. They might be rednecks, but they are rich rednecks."