'Madden' Ultimate Team adds trades, Dan Marino

Wed, Jun 29

I was a huge baseball card collector as a kid. One day my friend offered me his Jose Canseco rookie card (right after the 40/40 season) for my Tony Gwynn rookie. I thought he was joking. The Canseco card prices were going through the roof, and after 40/40, the sky was the limit for the kid who looked more like a WWE star than an outfielder for the A's. What a difference a decade makes. Now Gwynn is in the Hall of Fame and Canseco's run at the Hall of Shame makes his card worth less than 10 bucks.

Funny how much I used to enjoy trading cards and can remember even the most miniscule sounding deal, like the time I swiped a Terry Puhl for Bill Laskey.

Looks like my trading days are coming back full swing as "Madden NFL 12's" Ultimate Team/virtual playing card feature finally includes the ability to deal cards to other players on a one card for one card basis.

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