Rick Reilly delivers his questionable answers

Wed, Jun 29
Jordan, Phelps, Armstrong Getty ImagesRick Reilly dug up some strange questions on the internet about some of the most popular athletes.

Are you the kind of person who only went to school to eat the sandwich your mom packed?

Is the $500 question on "Millionaire" too much for you?

Are you feeling dumber than a Glad bag full of dirt?

Then do what I do! Surf WikiAnswers.com for an hour or two and you'll feel like Stephen Hawking. These are real questions with real answers, provided by very smart Internet users, or, at the very least, Internet users. I left all spellings and answers as I found them.

Q: Do they clean the ice after a ice hockey game?

A: Yes.

... with Pledge.

Q: Who was the first person to dunk a basket ball?

A: James Naismith ... invented basketball so he is the one who dunked the first basketball.

... true. Dr. James Naismith had hellahoops. He was known on the playgrounds as "Doctor N."

Q: Who is the fastest man on earth?

A: Jermain Bolt.

... that's Tito's brother.

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